GMG Punjabi School Overview

Guru Maneyo Granth Gurdwara Punjabi & Sikh Studies School

The Punjabi School offers a structured language instruction program for students, catering for beginners to A-level exam standard. There is an emphasis from the outset on developing verbal aptitude, so that students have a solid foundation to develop fluency in both verbal and written communication.

A kindness and understanding, treating each member of the school as an individual: these are all essential components of the school ethos which contribute to a successful and happy school.

Every staff member is a volunteer, coming from many professions, including full-time teaching, and is dedicated to the school’s ethos.

Admission is from age 6 to 16. Dedicated GCSE and A-Level classes prepare students for these examinations, with personalised tuition as needed.

An Adult Punjabi class caters for complete beginners, to those wanting to develop and formalise pre-existing verbal skills.

In parallel, the school also offers a two-year syllabus in Sikh History, adapted for 3 different age groupings. Sikh History is covered from the Guru Period through to the 19th Century Sikh Kingdom and into the 20th Century, including both World Wars. Historical and contemporary events are considered in the context of historical sources, and crucially, the Sikh scriptures.

Students are encouraged to develop critical analysis, and collaborate to arrive at conclusions. A core element of the course is the encouragement of every student to relate the syllabus content to their personal experience, and as a consequence to explore the potential for self-development.

Contact details:

221 Bath Road, Slough SL1 4BA
Telephone: 07748 325199
Email: gmgpunjabischool@gmail.com